What happens during my photoshoot?

Your photoshoot is done in our home studio (although no access into the house is required and the studio set up is right next to the driveway) and generally lasts up to 1 hour (or two hours if you're booked in for the model portfolio & boudoir option).  During this time Nic will take as many photo's as possible.  Nic & her assistant will work with you and help put you at ease.  Brimming with imagination and patience so even if you're feeling a little nervous you'll soon be relaxed and enjoying yourself in no time.  Just check out the feedback and reviews on the Fanpage!!

Nic also offers an airbrushing service, this is offered as standard on the Boudoir sittings and should you want it on your portrait sitting this is available at no extra cost.  Just ask and Nic will happily airbrush any image you then choose to purchase.

Here are a couple of reviews from the Facebook fanpage.

Janine Lee - I took my 4 year old daughter for a photoshoot with Nicola and she was a little nervous at first but we were made to feel really welcome and before I knew it, Alyssa was throwing a balloon around and spinning in circles. We had an amazing time. We enjoyed every minute of the shoot and she even allowed me to change Alyssa's clothes part way through so I could get shots in a different outfit. At the end of the shoot, Alyssa said "mummy, thank you for taking me today, I had loads of fun", I thought that was really sweet and I knew I had made the right choice having Nic do our portrait.

The pictures came back a million times better than I expected, and I already knew she was good. I love all of them and the hardest thing now is choosing my favourites. I would and have recommended Nicola to everyone I know. Great day, great service, lovely lady and amazing shots. what more could you ask for. Thanks Nic xxx

Lyndsey Wilkinson - What a fab photographer Nic is, Me my hubby and my baby girl who was 6 weeks old had a fab afternoon having our little girl photographed, we felt so at home and relaxed and loved every single minute.
The photos are amazing and so imaginative. We will definitely treasure them and have fab memories when we look at them.
We cant wait for our next set done when she is 4 months old.

A lot of my friends have said how amazing they are and 2 of them even booked with Nic after seeing my pics.

This is a must if u want an amazing set of pics from a very talented lady!!!

Terry Robinson - My wife persuaded me we needed some more photos and took me along to Smewch. I'm not the biggest fan of having proper photos done but I have to say that I enjoyed the experience. Nicola made us feel very welcome and was more than happy to incorporate our own ideas into the photos. She seemed to take hundreds and after posting a selection online she was more than willing to listen to our suggestions for montages and providing us with further proof copies.

We love our pictures and they have pride of place on our walls.

We would both highly recommend Smewch Photography to everyone.

Once you book in Nic, will send you confirmation of the date and time of your shoot. Your booking fee is your deposit and must be paid with 7 days of choosing your date and timeslot for your photoshoot.  This will secure the booking for you.

After your photoshoot the photographs taken will be worked on, tweaked, edited and made into an online portfolio.  Many places charge extra to have all your images edited prior to choosing what you want but Smewch doesn't and there is no heavy hardsell where you have to come back to view your images.  They're all online and a password is emailed to you as soon as they're live.  It couldn't get any easier!

Nic's prices are highly competitive, you also get 1 free with your sitting and as mentioned airbrushing is free on anything you order if you want it.  Not many places offer this kind of package!

Smewch is generally booked up to about a month in advance although at times cancellation slots can become available last minute, these will be offered on the fanpage.  During the Christmas period Smewch can be booked up to 2 months in advance, so it's recommended you book in early!

... Ok so I've talked about what happens on your photoshoot but what about preparing for you?!  Well then see below!


Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.


If you're attending a group or family portrait it helps if you are all co-ordinating to some degree.  We're not asking you to all wear exactly the same, but certainly keep in mind colours of your group and your décor at home.  If your group wants to dress formally it generally gives an overall better image if you all follow the same style, likewise for casual.  Remember fashion styles change rapidly and we want this photograph to be something you can still look at in years to come with fondness!

It's usually advised to avoid overly busy patterns, however colour is fabulous and works well, we love colour! If you love stripes, spots, dressing up as a fairy or a cowboy, then go for it.  It'll make your pictures personal to you.  There are no hard or fast rules.  Just be yourself and enjoy the experience.

Children & Babies:

Nicola is used to working with children and we have plenty of things on hand to keep them amused including a fab and funky background, lots of toys and props.  However if your child has a favourite toy or dressing up outfit or if they have a hobby such as dancing or singing then please bring along your own props.  This can include pets as long as they are well behaved.  We want to bring out your child's own personality and capture it forever so we'll be calling on your help to get the most out of the shoot as possible. 

We're well aware young children are constantly on the go so will be as quick as we can and try and make it an enjoyable experience at the same time.

Babies like routine so try and plan your shoot around your baby's nap and feeding time.  Having said that, Nicola is aware that things don't always go to plan and your nice little routine is easily disturbed, so if you need to stop mid-shoot and feed or soothe your baby then please do not feel intimidated in doing so.  Babies need their Mums/Dads/Carers and this should never be compromised for a photograph.  Once your little one is settled again we can then continue.

We are aware that children get knocks, bumps and bruises.  Most of these we can edit away.  However if you're at all concerned, just ring us in advance and we'll advise whether we think your photoshoot should be rescheduled or still go ahead.

Bump Shots:

Try and wear something prior to your shoot which will not leave clothing marks and ridges.  These are a nightmare to avoid (we know) but we recommend wearing something below the bump prior to your shoot to avoid any waistline marks.  We do have a selection of body wraps/fabrics to drape over your beautiful bump and if you tell us your due date in advance we can arrange a ribbon and a parcel tag with a special message on for a very personal portrait.  Your bump shots are very personal to you and we want to get it right so we like to take things easy and not rush it giving you time to relax and glow!

We suggest leaving your bump shot until around 34 weeks, however we know you may be worrying about stretchmarks appearing (Nic did) so if you want to do it sooner than this then just contact Nicola.


Ladies, the camera and lighting sucks away your make-up, so wear just a teensy bit more then you usually do, especially around the area you most want to focus on, i.e., your eyes or mouth etc.  Try not to go too heavy in both of these areas at once.

Guys, remember if you're wearing dark trousers/jeans then wear dark socks.  Generally we will ask everyone to remove their shoes and socks for a more natural look however if you have a real foot phobia then make sure you don't let your pinkies ruin your shot!


Please bring lots of treats with you to 'bribe' your pet with.  Also please bring a towel incase it's wet when you arrive as we don't want muddy paw prints ruining your gorgeous shots! If your pet loves their accessories, or has a favourite toy of a posh bed then bring them with you!


Should for whatever reason you need to cancel your photoshoot, if you notify us no less than 48hrs before the photoshoot we can transfer this to another date for you free of charge, you can amend your date twice.  Should you cancel within the last 48hrs then unfortunately your booking fee will be none transferable or refundable




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